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Kings of Infinite Space by James Hynes

In Kings of Infinite Space, Paul Trilby's life lately has been cursed. He's moved from being a university professor in Minnesota, until an affair cost him his job and his marriage, to working in the General Services Division of the Texas Department of General Services (TxDoGS). It's a lonely world where work is in poorly carpeted cubicles with even worse lighting. Paul begins to emerge from his funk as he pursues the foul-mouthed mail girl, but he also notices that people and events around him are becoming increasingly bizarre. There's a corpse in the cubicle next to his, the ceiling above his cubicle bulges and emits strange sounds, he's haunted by his ex-wife's dead cat, and a homeless man constantly asks him, "Are we not men?" James Hynes is back with another wicked satire that is at times hilarious and other times frightening in a government office where things have gone very wrong. Kings of Infinite Space has received positive review with the Seattle Times saying, "Hynes has turned the bureaucracy of government into a very funny, very macabre novel, filled with unforgettable characters (the living dead among them) and a plot so bizarre it could just possibly be true."
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James Hynes
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