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Kings of the Earth by Jon Clinch

In Kings of the Earth, Vernon, Audie and Creed Proctor are three illiterate, elderly brothers who have spent their lives on the same farm, living in squalor, and sharing the same bed since they were children. They live an isolated, impoverished life and know little of the outside world. Vernon is found dead in bed one morning, and a suspicious and threatening world invades the Proctor farm. Their story is told from the perspectives of the brothers, the kind neighbor, the police who think murder is possible, and a sister who managed to extricate herself from the strange family circumstances. Jon Clinch's novel (author of Finn) has received positive reviews with the Dallas Morning News saying, "Clinch's poetic attention to the rural landscape and the broken fortitude and spot-on dialogue of his characters still resembles Cormac McCarthy, but Clinch's second novel accomplishes more than simply mastering the sinister. His brilliant assemblage in Kings of the Earth showcases true grit and an oversize heart."
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Jon Clinch
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