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Kockroach by Tyler Knox

Cockroaches are incredibly strong, adaptable, and have a ravenous hunger for food and sex. Kockroach begins in a seedy Times Square hotel room in the 1950s when an cockroach awakes one day to find he's been transformed into a man (a reversal of roles from Kafka's The Metamorphosis). As a man named Jerry Blatta, he must learn to use his new body and learn the human language, although he's still a cockroach at heart. As Kockroach moves with his obvious hunger and strength out into the world, he attracts the eye of a small-time hoodlum with the nickname of Mite, who latches onto Kockroach as his way to the big time. The pair becomes a top gangster duo, as Kockroach uses his strength to his advantage and is driven forward by his desire for food and sex. Although, he initially lacked a conscience, the longer Kockroach remains a man, the more he acquires human emotions like regret. Can a bug turned human find happiness in the big city? Tyler Knox's novel has received positive reviews with the USA Today saying, "Watching this cockroach in a beautifully tailored double-breasted suit rise to power first as a gangster, then as a businessman, is like A Bug's Life version of the Tony Soprano story. Inventively hilarious."
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Tyler Knox
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