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Kyra by Carol Gilligan

Kyra is an architect who moves between her work at Harvard and her design of a utopian city on a private island. Originally from Cyprus, she fled after her husband's murder and finds her time on the island to be a private refuge. She meets and falls for a Hungarian theater director named Andreas who is putting on a non-traditional staging of Tosca. When his betrayal ends the relationship, Kyra seeks help from a therapist named Greta. In re-enacting her relationship with Andreas, Kyra must deal with the sense of betrayal all over again. This debut novel from Carol Gilligan (who wrote the 1982 nonfiction bestseller In a Different Voice) has received mostly positive reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "With her first novel, she achieves both a closely observed voice and a captivating perspective. Kyra is a rare thing: an engrossing, deeply emotional, thinking person's love story."
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Carol Gilligan
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