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Lark and Termite by Jayne Anne Phillips

Lark and Termite is set during different periods in the 1950s in West Virginia. Lark is a teenage girl on the verge of adulthood while her young half-brother, Termite, is disabled and unable to walk or talk. Lark and Termite were given up by their mother and live with their Aunt Nonie. Termite's father was an American soldier killed defending Korean civilians in the tunnel at No Gun Ri. Lark doesn't know the identity of her father. She's fiercely protective of Termite and as the mysteries surrounding her parents and Aunt Nonie unravel, she must save Termite from floodwaters that threaten their town. Jayne Anne Phillips's novel has received positive reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "Much of Lark and Termite takes place in tunnels, and this novel is filled with echoes, voices reverberating off each other to create a rich and lasting resonance. You finish Lark and Termite wanting to turn back to the first page and start over, making sure not to miss a single note."
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Jayne Anne Phillips
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