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The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta

The Leftovers begins with a rapture-like event where millions of people suddenly disappear from the earth. Unlike biblical prophecy, though, those who have disappeared are both sinner and saint as well as atheists and members of non-Christian religions. The Garvey family didn't lose any immediate family members, but the event unravels them all. The mother, Laurie, joins a silent cult that waits for the end of the world. The daughter, Jill, transforms from a model student to a misbehaving teenager. The son, Tom, joins a group that believes partying is the answer to everything. The father, Tom, tries to keep an upbeat attitude and finds comfort in the arms of a woman who lost her whole family to the rapture. Tom Perrotta's novel has received positive reviews with the USA Today saying, "His characters have a surprising depth to them, and we feel their confusion, pain and suffering. We know them. We hope they can figure out a way to live - because even after a catastrophe, life goes on."
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Tom Perrotta
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