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The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan

In The Lifeboat, Grace Winter is a newlywed aboard the ocean liner Empress Alexander when it sinks in 1914. She loses her husband and is one of the few survivors to make it to a lifeboat. Grace tells of the events aboard the lifeboat while sitting in jail, along with other women from the lifeboat, charged with murder. The victim of her alleged crime was Mr. Hardie, the only seaman aboard. Mr. Hardie had taken command of the lifeboat and its rations of food and water, as well as deciding which unlucky souls had to be tossed overboard to ensure the survival of the rest. Charlotte Rogan's debut novel has received positive reviews with BookPage saying, "Though the narrative frame means that Grace's survival is assured, the suspense of The Lifeboat never lets up, and it is a testament to Rogan's talent that a novel that so insightfully confronts existential questions is also a complete and utter page-turner. This compelling, smart and resonant work is certain to stand as one of the year's best debuts."
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Charlotte Rogan
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