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Lighthousekeeping by Jeanette Winterson

Lighthousekeeping tells the story of Silver, who as a young girl lives with her mother in a house carved into a cliff face. They must climb the cliff together to reach the front door. One day, her mother falls to her death, leaving Silver an orphan at age 10. She ends up in the care of Pew, a blind lighthouse keeper. In a place full or darkness, Pew tells her stories to shed light on the world Silver must learn to see. He tells the story of Babel Dark, a 19th-century clergyman who had two wifes, one he married because he impregnated her, and one he loved, and this life of lies was his eventual undoing. Babel Dark also influenced Robert Louis Stephenson and Charles Darwin, forcing them to rethink their theories after their visits to him. When modern technology makes Pew redundant, Silver must find her own stories to bring meaning to her life. Jeanette Winterson writes in her own inimitable style and Lighthousekeeping has received mostly positive, and at times glowing, reviews. The Independent says, "Lighthousekeeping is an entrancing, gleaming crystal of a book, which left me bereft when it was over."
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Jeanette Winterson
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