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Linger Awhile by Russell Hoban

In Linger Awhile, Irving Goodman is a self-avowed dirty old man obsessed with a voluptuous starlet from 1950s cowboy movies, Justine Trimble, now dead for 47 years. Goodman asks a friend to find a way to bring Justine to life, and by applying a "suspension of disbelief" process to the celluloid of her last film, she comes alive. Since that film was black and white, so is Justine. She needs human blood to turn full technicolor, which also gives her a voracious sexual appetite. Goodman's friend conspires to keep Justine for himself, but the dead bodies quickly bring police attention. Then a second copy of Justine is made, albeit mixed with some toad DNA which creates its own problems. Russell Hoban's novel is a humorous exploration of life, love, and erotic obsession. Linger Awhile has received positive reviews with The Independent saying, "Linger Awhile is slim enough to burn through in an evening, but it is one of Hoban's most successful attempts to juggle his various preoccupations - most importantly, the erotic life of the elderly, and how to cope with the loss of love. Nobody can mix the philosophical with the downright cheesy like he can."
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