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Lisey's Story by Stephen King

In Lisey's Story, Lisey Landon was married to her husband, Scott, for 25 years. He was a highly successful author, and now two years after his death, various people are trying to get access to his personal papers. She's harassed by a psychotic stalker, so she decides she has to go through the papers herself. Scott battled a family history of insanity, and in his papers finds directions to a place in the woods that leads to an alternate universe called Boo'ya Moon. It's a place Scott visited often and the fodder for many of his novels. Lisey must battle not just the stalker, but the terrors she finds in Boo'ya Moon and her personal demons in the regular world. Stephen King's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Rocky Mountain News saying, "This is King at his best. Retired or not, he's at the top of his form. And Lisey's Story proves once again that, as a storyteller, a fantasist and a chronicler of the human condition, he has no match."
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Stephen King
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