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Lost City Radio by Daniel Alarcon

Lost City Radio is set in an unnamed South American country where a long civil war has ended with the government crushing the rebellion. On the only radio station allowed to operate, a woman named Norma hosts its most popular program, "Lost City Radio." Each week she reads names of people who have gone missing during the war in hopes of reconnecting the lost with their loved ones. She also hopes to find out what happened to her husband, Rey, a scientist who was alleged to have ties to the rebellion. One day a boy arrives from the jungle village where Rey was last seen with a list of names for Norma. Included in the list is an alias Rey once used. Daniel Alarcon's novel has received positive reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "As Alarcon develops his story -- and he works quite subtly, sometimes dangerously close to obscurity -- his own empathy for the existential suffering of Third World political misery, and the ordinary dangers of middle-class life under a system in which values float without notice from democracy to autocracy and back again, makes for quite powerful reading."
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Daniel Alarcon
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