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The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

With The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown repeats the winning formula he used for The Da Vinci Code. Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is invited by his wealthy friend, Peter Solomon, to give a speech in the Capitol in Washington D.C. Langdon arrives to find the speech invitation was a hoax, Peter Solomon has been kidnapped, and Solomon's severed hand is left with ancient symbols for clues in the Capitol rotunda. Aided by Solomon's sister, Katharine, a specialist in noetic science, and driven by the clues left by a mysterious tattooed eunuch named Mal'akh, Langdon chases mysteries laden with ancient esoteric clues in a search for knowledge and treasure hidden for centuries. The Lost Symbol has received mixed reviews with the New York Daily News saying, "It is thrilling in the extreme, a definite page-flipper. Brown writes it as he sees it. It's just that his vision seems destined to capture the popular imagination, or at least to populate it with new horrors before bringing on sweet relief."
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Dan Brown
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