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The Story of Lucy Gault by William Trevor

Acclaimed Irish novelist William Trevor tells the sad story of Lucy Gault. In 1921 with a civil war imminent in County Cork in Ireland, Captain Everard Gault and his family prepare to flee into exile before their manor is burned to the ground. Their 9-year old daughter, Lucy, doesn't want to leave and runs away. When she doesn't return, the family fears she has drowned and leaves without her. One of the family servants finds Lucy deep in the woods with a broken ankle and raises her as their own. It's a story of loss and love that was a finalist for the 2002 Man Booker Prize. It's gathered high praise from almost all reviewers, The Boston Globe says, "The Story of Lucy Gault is a novel blessed with sorrow and inevitability, its rueful beauty a requiem for an 'Ireland of the ruins' as well as for human folly and deliverance. Few living writers are capable of such mournful depth as William Trevor, and here he has given us an evensong to time itself."
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William Trevor
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