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Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis

The protagonist in Lunar Park is Bret Easton Ellis, a fictional character whose life mirrors the author's. Ellis is a writer who penned a bestseller at a young age and lived a hedonistic life centered around his own ego. Ten years after that novel, he's tried to turn his life around, marrying his long-time girlfriend, enjoying his new family, and moving to the suburbs. The only part of his past life he didn't relinquish were the recreational drugs. His new life begins to unravel when objects in his house begin to undergo bizarre transformations, a character from one of his novels is hanging around in a car identical to his late father's, and a serial killer appears to be on the loose. He tries to protect his family from these horrors, but they claim it's all just a result of his substance abuse. Lunar Park has received mostly positive reviews with the Miami Herald saying, "Lunar Park is a story about the momentous pain parents inflict on their children, and Ellis' appropriation of his own life, which initially seems like a vainglorious stunt, ends up adding an extra layer of poignancy to this most personal of novels. The worst violence in Lunar Park is internal and emotional, and in its beautiful closing pages, this rich, deceptively complex novel argues that's the most damaging violence of all."
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Bret Easton Ellis
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