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Making Toast by Roger Rosenblatt

In Making Toast, author Roger Rosenblatt tells about how life his life changed after his 38-year-old daughter Amy, died from an undetected heart condition. Rosenblatt and his wife, Ginny, move from their Long Island home to Bethesda, MD and move in with their son-in-law and his three children. Ginny easily moves into the maternal role while Rosenblatt finds himself responsible for making toast every morning to each person's preference. While trying to help his son-in-law and grandchildren cope with their grief, he must struggle with his own and his anger at God for taking his daughter from him. Making Toast has received positive reviews with saying, "No one would willingly pay the price that sudden, inexplicable death exacted from Rosenblatt and his loved ones, and yet the rewards that they, and those who read about it, have reaped from their ordeal are incalculable."
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Roger Rosenblatt
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