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The Mammoth Cheese by Sheri Holman

The Mammoth Cheese is set in Three Chimneys, Virginia, a small town that the world has passed by as it tries to cling to its own heritage. Hoping to spark a town revival, Pastor Vaughan coaxes a local woman on fertility drugs, Manda Frank, to follow through to delivery of 11 babies. The media frenzy that follows even brings a presidential candidate to town to milk whatever bounce he can get from the event. Manda's neighbor, Margaret Prickett latches on to the presidential candidate as a way to save her small farm on the verge of foreclosure. The pastor's son is obsessed with all things Thomas Jefferson and carries a torch for Margaret. When the babies start dying and the media pulls away, the pastor decides to celebrate the candidate's successful election by re-creating a mammoth cheese that the residents of Cheshire, Massachusetts sent to Washington after Jefferson's election. Sheri Holman's The Mammoth Cheese is a slice of Americana and a satire of politics. The New York Daily News says, "The novel's farcical elements are deftly integrated, as are its many stories, by Holman's limber prose as she movingly captures life in a small American town where even its young are struggling with the wounds of time."
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Sheri Holman
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