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The Manhattan Beach Project by Peter Lefcourt

In The Manhattan Beach Project, Charlie Berns has hit rock bottom. He's a Hollywood producer who's out of work, beyond broke, and his girlfriend dies in a tragic gardening accident. While at a Debtor's Anonymous meeting, he meets an ex-CIA agent who gets him to agree to help put on a new reality TV show for ABCD, a rogue division of ABC. They hatch the new series, "Warlord," a reality show surrounding an Uzbek kingpin named Izbul Kharkov and his family. It turns out that Izbul's wife won't come out her bedroom, his son joins the Taliban, and his daughter is a lesbian. Since U.S. audiences don't speak Uzbeki, Charlie rewrites all the subtitles to change the storylines and hires a hooker to play Izbul's wife. When the show becomes a huge hit worldwide, it has worldwide consequences, especially for those who do speak Uzbeki. The madcap pandemonium then takes on a life on its own. Peter Lefcourt brings his oddball sense of humor to his latest novel and it's received positive reviews. The Palm Beach Post says, "The Manhattan Beach Project is the sort of novel that Mel Brooks would write if he could write novels."
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Peter Lefcourt
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