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Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday

In Mao: The Unknown Story, authors Jung Chang and Jon Halliday have unearthed a version of Mao Tsu-tung that is radically different than the revered leader held by official Chinese history. They've come to the conclusion that Mao was a pawn of Stalin's, dedicated to his own ego and vices, and willing to sacrifice millions of Chinese lives in pursuit of his aim of worldwide domination. While his own countrymen were starving, he exported food to the Soviet Union and their satellite countries. His famous Long March was allowed safe passage by Chiang Kai-shek because his son was held hostage in Moscow. They show a Mao driven by self-interest and devoid of compassion for his people and attribute 70 million deaths to his policies. Mao: The Unknown Story has received positive reviews with the USA Today saying, "Still, for anyone in search of a serious examination of Mao, his gruesome legacy and China, this astonishing book is a must-read."
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