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A Map of Glass by Jane Urquhart

A Map of Glass begins with the lonely death of Andrew Woodman in the forest on Timber Island in the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. His body is found by Jerome McNaughton, a young artist spending the winter on the island. A year later in Toronto, Jerome is visited by Sylvia, who claims to have been Andrew's lover. Her tales of Andrew's life and that of his ancestors who had built a timber empire on the shores of Lake Ontario spur Jerome to search for the past, not just for his artistic pursuits, but to understand his own life. Jane Urquhart's novel is a grand saga of man versus nature, and versus himself, and the power of life, love, art, and death. A Map of Glass has received mostly positive reviews with the London Free Press saying, "Still, as with The Stone Carvers, The Underpainter, Away and other Urquhart fiction, the author succeeds in spinning a sellable story. She is a skillful, if mannered novelist, whose close, admiring relationship with the history and landscapes of eastern Ontario remains impressive."
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Jane Urquhart
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