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The Miracle by John L'Heureux

Some not so good books get plenty of publicity and reviews while more deserving books go unnoticed. John L'Hereux is a talented writer who has come out with a book that is a New York Times Notable Book for 2002 and one of Publisher's Weekly Best Books of 2002. A former priest himself, in The Miracle, L'Heureux tells the story of Paul LeBlanc, an attractive and charismatic priest who runs afoul of the church hierarchy for some of his actions and teachings that don't coincide with the church's dogma. They exile him from Boston to a tiny New Hampshire coastal town where he is to take care of an ailing priest and eventually take over for him. While there, he witnesses a miracle; a young girl found dead in her room is brought back to life. The girl then dies unexpectedly a month later in a motorcycle accident. All this sends Paul Leblanc reeling as he tries to come to grips with his faith, personal understanding, and acceptance of imperfection in the world.
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San Francisco Chronicle review by Brad Vice
John L'Heureux
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