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Misfortune by Wesley Stace

In Misfortune, Lord Geoffroy Loveall is the richest man in 1820 England and he's without an heir. He finds an aborted baby in a dump, and still grieving for his dead sister, he brings the baby home and names it Rose, despite the fact that the baby is a boy. After a quick marriage to the librarian to provide legitimacy, Rose is raised as a girl and has the run of Love Hall, enjoying the life of the spoiled daughter of a rich man. As Rose matures, the truth of his gender can no longer be hidden, and the Lord's relative, desperate for a part of the inheritance, move in for the kill. Rose's decides that the best alternative is to hit the road and try to find out who he is really is. Misfortune is the debut novel from Wesley Stace (singer-songwriter John Wesley Harding) and has received positive reviews. The Washington Post says, "Stace uncorks a ripping transsexual romp set in Romantic-era England, and it reads like some inspired collaboration between Charles Dickens and Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar: full of orphans, decadence, flouncy skirts, greed, deception, amnesia, incest, murder, religious and social intolerance, ballads, books, letters, wild farce and all manner of meditation on sexual identity."
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Wesley Stace
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