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The Mission Song by John le Carre

In The Mission Song, Bruno "Salvo" Salvador is a top flight interpreter, mostly for Central African languages. He's the son of an Irish missionary and a Congolese woman, and was raised by Carmelite nuns. He has made a life for himself in England, marrying a famous tabloid journalist and working for hire as an interpreter as well as for the government. His marriage is in trouble, and he falls into an affair with an African nurse. This affair rekindles memories of his African childhood and when the government whisks him off to a secret island conference between African warlords, British operatives, and Western financiers, Salvo overhears information that imperils his homeland. He must determine whether his loyalties lies with his homeland or his new home. John le Carre's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Cleveland Plain Dealer saying, "The Mission Song offers an emotional resonance that stays with a reader long after the book is done."
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John le Carre
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