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Mobius Dick by Andrew Crumey

Mobius Dick begins with a theoretical physicist, John Ringer, getting a text message on his phone that simply says, "Call me: H." This sets off memories of a romance with a woman named Helen over 20 years ago, where they engaged in deep philosophical discussions of coincidences and history, including Schrodinger's stay at a TB clinic where he finalized his theories of quantum physics. Quantum physics also allows for parallel universes, and when it's discovered that writer Harry Dick was writing a novel with a character named John Ringer, we're left to wonder which universe is real, if not all of them. Andrew Crumey has fashioned a novel that twists reality inside out and takes us down a road where history may take a different path depending on your universe. Mobius Dick has received positive reviews with The Scotsman saying, "However, the author's daring and aplomb is thrilling throughout. Difficult time-shifts and altered states of dubious consciousness are handled with assurance. Jokes and lampoons are in good supply. The writing exhilarates at its finest, and keeps you afloat the rest of the way."
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