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The Monk Downstairs by Tim Farrington

In The Monk Downstairs, Rebecca Martin is an overworked single mom who's become disillusioned by romance and love. The new tenant in the in-law apartment of her house is Michael Christopher, who has just left behind 20 years in a monastery. He's suffering a crisis of faith and is trying to find his place in God's world. As they each search for their way in life, a budding romance develops between them. Can a woman leery of love and an ex-monk trying struggling to stand on his own feet find love in a complex world? The New York Times says, "The Monk Downstairs manages to be both a wry page-turner and a thoughtful investigation of what Christ may have meant when he said, 'Love one another.' Come to think of it, pulling off a story like this -- where the principals are embarked upon a love that genuinely appears to have a chance of lasting -- is something of a modern-day miracle all in itself."
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San Francisco Chronicle review by Miriam Wolf

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Tim Farrington
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