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My Life by Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton. The very name of the former President instills admiration in some and loathing in others. My Life is Bill Clinton's attempt to tell the story of his life, marriage, and presidency from his perspective. I doubt that any particular review will persuade or dissuade any reader from reading this book. Most reviewers agree that the book is long winded and rambles on about insignificant details, but whether you enjoy this book or not might depend on your feelings about the man and his presidency. The Detroit Free Press says, "But there's a wonderful naturalness to Clinton's writing in My Life and enough insights into this puzzling man that it's well worth plunking down $35 -- or $26, which is what I paid -- for 957 pages of his almost-unfiltered musings. Even if -- maybe especially if -- you thought he was a bad choice for president, or if you thought he was a good choice who blew his best chances."
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Bill Clinton
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