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My Revolutions by Hari Kunzru

My Revolutions begins with Mike Frame reluctantly awaiting his 50th-birthday party. Unfortunately, he's neither 50 nor is he Mike Frame, and his wife is unaware of both of those facts. His real name is Chris Carver and he was involved with an anarchist group and a series of bombings back in the 1960s. Now an acquaintance from his past wants to expose him to further his own agenda. Chris Carver is unsettled by his current lifestyle, but he's not willing to lose it either. As the story moves back and forth between his life as Chris Carver and his new life as Mike Frame, he must find where his real identity lies. Hari Kunzru's novel has received mostly positive reviews with The Independent saying, "It's a climax made possible only by his wonderfully fluid structure, which is hospitable both to narrative tension and to meditation. It's also Kunzru's most accomplished work so far: the sound of an important novelist in the first bloom of maturity."
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Hari Kunzru
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