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Newfoundland by Rebbecca Ray

In Newfoundland, Charlotte Weyland comes to a small, coastal Welsh village, Ynys-morlan, after the death of her mother, whom she hasn't seen since she was 12. Ynys-morlan is a bleak place without much propserity or hope. Charlotte has inherited 33 million pounds, and she doesn't want her mother's money. She meets Ruth, a woman with a violent husband and a deaf child, and together they hatch a plan to give the money to the village. Every home and a business can be renovated and the village can be brought back to life as a desirable place to live. Others in the village resist the plan, though, for a variety of reasons, and the new wealth causes strain in relationships and reveals long held secrets. Charlotte has secrets of her own, and her budding relationship with Ruth may be too much for her angry husband to withstand. Rebecca Ray's novel has received mixed reviews, mostly for its 1001 pages. The Telegraph says, "The result is undoubtedly far too long - it is hard to escape the suspicion that 1,001 was a planned page count - but the attempt to capture the entire world in the rejuvenation of a single Welsh village is audacious and laudable. The results, more often than not, are beguiling."
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