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The News from Paraguay by Lily Tuck

The News from Paraguay is a fictionalized account of the lives of Paraguayan leader, Francisco Solano Lopez, and his wife Ella Lynch. They met in Paris in 1854 while he was a notorious playboy and she was an Irish courtesan. Together they moved to Paraguay where she was more concerned with the life of luxury while he settled into delusions of grandeur and megalomania. Lopez then led his country into a devastating war against its three neighbors, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. While he fueled his imperial dreams, she was isolated in the capital, perhaps closest to her horse, Mathilde. Lily Tuck's novel is an exploration of history and the folly of mankind when it is seduced by wealth and power. The News from Paraguay has received mixed reviews with saying, "This is a highly recommended read."
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Winner of the 2004 National Book Award for Fiction

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Lily Tuck
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