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No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy

Like Cormac McCarthy's previous Border Trilogy, No Country For Old Men is set in the West Texas/Mexico border area. Sheriff Bell, an old-time honest, small-town sheriff, finds the shot-up corpses and cars of a drug deal gone wrong in the desert. It's scene that was stumbled upon earlier by cowboy and Vietnam vet Llewelyn Moss. Moss found the $2 million in cash, and before walking off with it, tends to a dying man. This act of kindness defeats Moss' attempt at anonymity, and sets amoral and psychotic killer Anton Chigurh on his path. Chigurh ostenisbly works for the Mexican drug cartel that wants their money back, but even they don't trust him. It's a path of murder, violence, and greed in the desert as Moss and Bell find themselves against evil they've never imagined. No Country For Old Men has received mostly positive reviews with the Houston Chronicle saying, "Like these doomed cowboys, McCarthy cannot turn away from the horror he sees around him. His voice is hoarse, his visions are often nightmares. In No Country For Old Men he has conjured up a heated story that brands the reader's mind as if seared by a knife heated upon campfire flames."
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Cormac McCarthy
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