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No Place, Louisiana by Martin Pousson

Nita is a 16-year girl whose barely been more than a few miles from her poverty-stricken town and abusive stepfather. She impulsively agrees to marry Louis Toussaint because his ambition and money can take her away from all that. Nita doesn't find happiness in her escape, even with a succession of bigger homes and children. Louis stays detached from her, eventually choosing drink over family interaction. Martin Pousson tells the story of their lives, their inability to find a focus and grounding for their lives and the disaster that will occur if they can't find a way to love each other amid an exceptional portrait of life in southern Louisiana. says "Pousson has written a strong, confident novel that undoubtedly will not get the attention it deserves, at least not immediately. This is unfortunate; many veteran authors have yet to write a novel of this depth."
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Martin Pousson
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