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Oblivion by David Foster Wallace

Oblivion, a set of 8 short stories, is typical David Foster Wallace prose, full of convoluted, non-linear plots stuffed with so many ideas in a stream of consciousness style that it may take multiple readings to digest it all. Some of the stories feature a man who believes his wife is hallucinating his snoring, a man forced to keep his spider collection in his briefcase, a New York style magazine, just before 9/11, deciding to profile a man whose excrement comes out in the form of artwork, and grade school teacher's breakdown in class. David Foster Wallace is a writer you either love or you hate, and Oblivion has received mixed reviews. The San Francisco Chronicle says, "Amid its singularly effusive style, Oblivion contains Wallace's rare insights -- more prescriptive than descriptive -- and moments of unflinching self-examination, often on a societal scale." The Miami Herald says, "Rarely has one encountered a writer so overblown and contemptuous of his audience."
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David Foster Wallace
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