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One of Us by Melissa Benn

One of Us follows the course of Anna Adams' life from the age of 11 until her 40s. Her family, and their best friends, the Givings family, are wealthy liberals. Her father is a lawyer who employs the charismatic Andy Givings. When Andy decides to go into politics, one of Anna's brothers, Matt, latches on to his rising star and becomes an adviser. Her other brother, Jack, is the defiant one who challenges their politics. The decision to go to war in Iraq threatens to tear the family apart. Melissa Benn's novel has received positive reviews with The Guardian saying, "One of Us is unashamedly a novel about politics, a damning indictment of New Labour and the fatal erosion of moral discernment in political life. It is a novel about marriage and the unseen, unacclaimed domestic lives that we all lead. Above all, it is about the fragile, precious web of personal connections."
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