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Oracle Night by Paul Auster

In Oracle Night, writer Sidney Orr has mostly recovered from a near-fatal illness when he buys a blue notebook from a stationery store in his Brooklyn neighborhood. His will to write suddenly returns as a story leaps from his mind into the notebook, full of footnotes and references that quickly fill the page. As Orr is dragged into his own story, and the novel within the novel called Oracle Night, the line between fiction and reality becomes blurred. Traveling back and forth between fiction and reality, the past and the present, Orr's life takes on a surreal edge where truth becomes relative. Paul Auster has delivered another novel that takes the reader on a ride through a world of literature, imagination, and the randomness of life. says, "In Oracle Night, Auster displays his gift for storytelling and his almost religious regard for the power of stories."
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Paul Auster
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