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The Other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson

The Other Side of the Bridge begins in the quiet town of Struan in northern Ontario in the 1930s. It's a place where everyone knows everyone else and neighbors help neighbors. Arthur and Jake Dunn are brothers, although they have opposite personalities. Arthur is solid and good, poised to inherit the family farm, while Jake is attractive and manipulative. They both fall for the beautiful Laura, and she eventually chooses Arthur. Arthur and she raise a family on the farm while Jake disappears. 20 years later, Ian, the son of the town doctor gets a summer job on Arthur's farm, just to be close to Laura. His crush on Laura re-ignites old tensions and opens old wounds, and Jake finally returns to town. Mary Lawson's story moves back and forth over three decades in the life of the town and her characters. The Other Side of the Bridge has received positive reviews with The Guardian saying, "This is a fine book - an enthralling read, both straightforward and wonderfully intricate. I look forward to Lawson's next."
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Mary Lawson
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