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Panic: The Story of Financial Insanity edited by Michael Lewis

Panic is a collection of more than 50 articles over the last 21 years covering the last five financial crises: the Black Monday crash of 1987, the Russian bond default, the Asian currency crisis of 1999, the Internet bubble, and the current sub-prime mortgage disaster. Edited by Michael Lewis (and includes several of his own articles), these articles show some of the warnings and errant thinking that preceded each crisis and the hindsight afterwards that helped to analyze each one. At the same time, he also shows how we continue to repeat the same basic mistakes, just in different forms each time. Panic has received positive reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "Do think of this as Lewis' answer to the question: What good, short and comprehensible things should I read if I want to understand our modern financial crisis? And Lewis' answer is a very good one: He has an excellent eye, and what he likes, we readers will like as well - at least if we like to read him, and I do."
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Michael Lewis
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