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Patrick Parker's Progress by Mavis Cheek

Patrick Parker, the titular character of Patrick Parker's Progress, is seemingly born to greatness in 1940. Beautiful, brilliant, and raised by a doting and over-controlling mother, his ambition is to be a great architect of bridges. Audrey Wapshott is the girl who loves him, but as Patrick's career takes off, blinded by ambition and ready to do anything to further his career, he breaks her heart and leaves her behind. Audrey moves to Paris where she becomes a mistress, living a life as a kept woman. She follows the progress of Patrick's career and marriage, and when Patrick comes to Paris years later, she's ready to extract her revenge. Mavis Cheek has written a comedy of revenge which examines the progress of life versus the maturity of age, or lack thereof. Patrick Parker's Progress has received a bit of mixed reviews with the The Guardian saying, "it's a wise and deeply satisfying period piece, a morality tale that doesn't take sides."
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