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Pattern Recognition by William Gibson

In Pattern Recognition, William Gibson (author of Neuromancer) leaves the science fiction of the future and brings us a novel set squarely in the present. Cayce Pollard is a "coolhunter," someone who is physically attuned to logos and patterns and is a freelance marketing consultant. She's hired to find the source of mysterious clips of movie footage that have appeared on the internet to see if they can be used for a marketing campaign. Cayce is also trying to solve the disappearance of her father during the Sept. 11 tragedy. Her search takes her from London to Tokyo to Moscow. It's a trip through both modern technology and the human soul and the interactions between the two. Most reviews of this book have been positive. The San Francisco Chronicle says of Pattern Recognition, "It's his best book in a long time, and perhaps his most accessible one ever."
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by Michael Berry

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by Lisa Zeidner

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by Stephen Jewell review
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William Gibson
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