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Peace by Richard Bausch

Peace is set during a winter night in Italy during World War II. Three American soldiers, led by Robert Marson, are sent on a mission over a mountain to see what the enemy is doing. The men are already unsettled after witnessing the death of their comrades and the murder of a woman the day before. They haven't decided whether her death was unnecessary or just another ugly facet of war. They're guided that evening by an Italian guide who may be a Fascist spy, and as the rain turns to snow, they're unsure where they're headed or what the enemy is actually doing. Marson eventually presses forward on his own, fighting a foot infection and a feeling of deadness inside as he feels his humanity being consumed by the war. Richard Bausch's novel has received positive reviews with the New York Times calling it, "a short, bleakly brilliant one-act drama depicting the futility and moral complexity of combat."
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Richard Bausch
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