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Percival's Planet by Michael Byers

Percival's Planet is a novel set in the 1920's and revolves around the search for Planet X, which was eventually named Pluto, and includes both historical and fictional characters. At the center is Clyde Tombaugh, a self-taught man from Kansas who ultimately made the discovery. Accompanied by a disparate group of eccentric people who converge on the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, where their work is funded by the widow of Percival Lowell, they live the dream of exploration and discovery, without having to travel. Michael Byers' novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Portland Oregonian saying, "Byers' story is ultimately a compassionate, sentimental tale of outcasts triumphing over impossible odds, pulled into ever-tightening orbits and intersections by fate, finding if not outright happiness, then at least a modicum of peace, however fleeting."
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Michael Byers
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