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Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton

Pirate Latitudes is a posthumous novel from Michael Crichton, discovered on his computer after his death. Set in the Caribbean in 1665, its hero is Captain Charles Hunter, an American from Massachusetts who prowls the sea as a privateer. He's captain of the Cassandra, a ship whose crew is a ragtag bunch of pirates who each come with their own specialty. When he learns that the Spanish galleon El Trinidad is carrying a load of gold in a heavily fortified harbor while awaiting repairs, Hunter swings into action. The fort's garrison is led by a Spaniard named Cazalla, a powerful and evil man who delights in the pain he can inflict. Pirate Latitudes has received mixed reviews with the Cleveland Plain Dealer saying, "There's even a sea monster, and more twists and reversals than the Michael Jackson movie. Two pages from the end, the reader is still unsure how it will all work out. Pirate Latitudes is great entertainment, the perfect book for plane, beach, bus or a long winter's funk in the auto-repair waiting room. The pages and minutes fly by."
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Michael Crichton
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