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Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott

Plan B is a collection of essays by Anne Lamott previously published at, the web magazine. Anne Lamott is a liberal, single mom who found sobriety and God as she approached middle age. Her essays and perspectives on life are filtered through her religious views. It's not that she expects you to convert to her religious thinking, but to accept it's the way she processes the people and events in her life. Some of essays tell of her trying to come to grips with her feelings for George Bush, for whom she has a visceral dislike. Knowing the she's supposed to forgive him for his actions and human weaknesses, she finds it almost impossible not to let him get under her skin. At times both humorous and profound, Plan B has received mostly positive reviews. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch says, "Like rain, her writing is fresh and earthy, clean and comforting. Also, weather or not, with this book Lamott reminds everyone that right-wing Republicans do not have a corner on the spirituality market."
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Anne Lamott
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