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The Plot Against America by Philip Roth

The Plot Against America centers around the idea of Charles Lindbergh running for President in 1940 against FDR, barnstorming around the country in the Spirit of St. Louis, and promising the keep America out of the war. Once he's elected in a landslide, he negotiates with the Axis powers to let them have Europe if they leave the U.S. alone, and then he turns to making America a more homogenous place. He has urban Jews forcefully moved to rural areas of the South and Midwest in an attempt to banish their culture and absorb them into the American mainstream. The story is told through the eyes of Phil Roth, a young Jewish boy in Newark whose older brother idolizes Lindbergh and whose father thinks he's a tyrant. The fracturing of Roth's family mirrors the same happening in the country and the rest of the world. The Plot Against America has received mostly positive reviews with the Christian Science Monitor saying, "Once again, Philip Roth has published a novel that you must read - now. It's not that an appreciation of his book depends on the political climate; our appreciation of the political climate depends on his book."
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Philip Roth
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