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Point Omega by Don DeLillo

Point Omega begins and ends with an art museum showing Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" at a slow rate so that it takes 24 hours for the film to play in its entirety. One of the people who briefly stops to see the film is Jim Finley, who wants to make a different type of film. He goes to the Arizona desert to spend a few days with Richard Elster, a scholar hired by the Defense Department to use intellectual ideas to prepare for war details. Finley wants to shoot a simple film, just Elster in front of a blank wall while telling his story. Days stretch to weeks as Finley is drawn into Elster's theories, including his concept of the omega point, where humanity dematerializes. They are joined by Elster's daughter, whose appearance, and disappearance, upends all of Finley's plans. Don DeLillo's short novel has received positive reviews with the San Diego Union-Tribune saying, "In fact, far from being disjointed and lacking continuity, the enigmatic Point Omega ultimately comes away as skillfully interconnected and coherent. Indeed, whether the book clicks in right away or continues to seem like a work in progress, it really is the best kind of novel: the finely honed kind that sticks with you like a harrowing memory; whose whats, wheres and whens you'll be mulling over in your head with insistent preoccupation or rereading to see if you got this fact or that character right, to see if the puzzle piece you put in before still fits."
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Don DeLillo
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