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The Position by Meg Wolitzer

In The Position Paul and Roz Mellow wrote an explicit sex manual in 1975 which became a huge bestseller and made them famous. It also embarrassed their four children, aged six to fifteen at the time, to no end, often making them wish they had different names or different parents. The family is changed forever and the children all grow up with different issues from it, often relating to sex. Paul and Roz split soon after achieving fame and notoriety. Now 30 years later, Roz wants the book to reissued and sends the oldest son to convince Paul to go along with the idea. This decision further divides the family, haunted by the book again several decades later. Meg Wolitzer (author of The Wife) has written a novel that explores, often with humor, how individual members of a family can all become so different. The Position has received positive reviews with the Philadelphia Inquirer saying, "Reading The Position might give readers a similar sense of deja vu. You know families are this funny, you know they are this weird. But never has this realization been such a welcome and entertaining relief."
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Meg Wolitzer
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