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The Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq

The character at the center of The Possibility of an Island is Daniel, a successful and misanthropic comedian. He's unhappy with life and love. He lusts for one woman who only wants love, and then loves another woman who only wants sex. He joins a cult called the Elohimites, at first because of their promiscuous lifestyle and then because of their use of cloning. Generations into the future Daniel 24 and Daniel 25 are future cloned copies of the original Daniel, and they try to understand his life. In the centuries that have passed, the clones have lost the ability for human emotions. Michel Houellebecq's novel of ideas of the forces that shape and misshape mankind has received mixed reviews. The Houston Chronicle says, "In its analysis of a world devoted to pleasure, The The Possibility of an Island is essentially conservative. Yet, owing to the novel's graphic eroticism (some would say pornography), its attacks on the aging female body and other contrarian attitudes, the novel will no doubt generate more press for its language and authorial behavior than its traditional novelistic concerns and treatment of them. Readers will do well to ignore the author and read his provocative, often funny, intellectually engaging novel."
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Michel Houellebecq
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