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The Preservationist by David Maine

The Preservationist is a retelling of Noah's Ark, although with Noe as the leader of a slightly dysfunctional family. Noe is 600 years old when God comes to him in a head-splitting voice that causes him to wet himself. While his wife rolls her eyes, his bickering sons help build the ark and his daughters-in-law go in search of the animals to fill the ark. It's a logistical nightmare with a tight deadline, and once the rains come, tedium sets in on the overcrowded vessel with the mounting excrement in ark's holds. It's told with borh a touch of comedy and with the poignant moments of a family forced to come together in crisis before being dispersed to repopulate the world. David Maine's The Preservationist has received mostly positive reviews with Miami Herald calling it a "hilarious and irreverent debut novel."
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David Maine
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