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President Reagan: The Triumph of Imagination by Richard Reeves

President Reagan was viewed by many as a likable prop for the real powers that controlled the country. In Richard Reeves' biography, he shows Reagan to be a man of vision and principles, an anti-communist leader who knew the Soviet Union was about to implode on its own, and a small government adherent who knew the populace would embrace his tax cuts. He also knew his best way to lead was to be the Great Communicator, to gently sway the country to his side of each issue. Richard Reeves also shows the side of Ronald Reagan who ignored issues that didn't fit into his vision, whether it was the growing AIDS epidemic or the Central American tyrants whom he used as anti-communist allies. Even those who opposed him couldn't help but like him. President Reagan has received positive reviews with the Washington Post saying, "Readers are in Reeves's debt for this entertaining, deeply reported and revealing portrait of a man destined to be in death what he was in life: a figure of enduring fascination."
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