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The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman

In Alice Hoffman's 16th novel, The Probable Future, she tells the story of the Sparrow women, who each come to recognize their special power on their 13th birthday. Elinor, the grandmother, can detect lies. Jenny the mother, can see people's dreams. Stella, the granddaughter, finds that she can see people's deaths. In predicting a woman's murder, Stella's prescience makes her father a suspect. This sends Stella back to the ancestral home in Unity, just outside Boston, where the three surviving Sparrow women are together for the first time. With the real murderer possibly in pursuit, the women must reconcile with each other, and with the gifts they cannot deny or repress. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says, "The Probable Future is a magical mystical tour de force of pure entertainment. It takes a series of improbable events and turns them into a thrilling adventure of literary alchemy."
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Alice Hoffman
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