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The Problem With Murmur Lee by Connie May Fowler

The Problem With Murmur Lee begins with Murmur Lee Harp on a romantic sailboat ride with her boyfriend, Billy. Somehow, Murmur Lee drowns that night and finds herself in an afterlife limbo where she examines her life in an attempt to understand her death. Back in the living world in her north Florida community, her friends are trying to cope with her absence and understand her death as well. Her friends are an eccentric lot. Charlee, who had gone north to Harvard Divinity School and attempted to hide her southern roots comes back after Murmur Lee's death and stays. Then there's the transsexual ex-Marine, the widower who feels responsible for Murmur Lee's death, her yoga teacher, bartender, and Billy the boyfriend. It's the examination of all these lives and the forces that intertwine them that help unravel the mystery of Murmur Lee's death. Connie May Fowler's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Miami Herald saying "never has a book about a dead person been so damn funny."
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Connie May Fowler
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