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The Rabbit Factory by Larry Brown

Larry Brown's The Rabbit Factory is an oddly comic novel about people living outside the mainstream of society. All the loosely-connected characters in this novel are on the down and out, searching for some way to connect with the rest of the world. Some of these are a one-legged housekeeper whose gangster boss has a dog who disappears with her prosthetic leg. Her boss, who goes by the name Mr. Hamburger, deals with a errant hit man in a way consistent with his name. Or the wealthy Arthur dealing with his impotence while his younger wife hangs out in bars in hopes of finding sexual satisfaction. Or the pet store clerk who must deal with the excess of rabbits that never sell. The Rabbit Factory has received praise from many reviewers for its hilarious stories of realistic people. The Miami Herald says, "A strange, savage humor streams through The Rabbit Factory. The reader confronts all manner of pathos while struggling not to laugh aloud."
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Larry Brown
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